A Melodramatic Gaming Tweet About ‘Sekiro’ Has Been Memed Into Oblivion

From Software‘s latest offering, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is a fucking hard game. Most expected this would be the case, given the developer’s track record, but interestingly, Sekiro has brought up a deeper conversation around game difficulty and accessibility which has now, unsurprisingly, descended into memes, because that’s what the internet does best.

[jwplayer WlZqbchT]

Some argue the game is difficult for a reason, and to offer up an easy mode would be to destroy its artistic vision, which, I assume, is to grant a feeling of accomplishment that only a series of maddening failures can give. Others say it should at least provide an option to reduce the difficulty.

Which side of the argument you agree with isn’t important, but it certainly was for PC Gamer journalist, James Davenport, who published an article about how he used cheats to beat Sekiro’s final boss. It was met with so much backlash that Davenport straight-up quit Twitter, with one piece of criticism standing out more than others. You can see it below.

The seemingly serious melodramatic tweet has since been turned into one of the best gaming memes I’ve seen in a while. Not only does it take the everloving piss out of an over the top reaction, but it also digs up a nice little patch of nostalgia.

Basically, it shows some classic games and their famous hacks/cheats/tricks while inserting the tweet’s message into them in some way. Check out some of the best examples below.

Sensational stuff. You can always count on the internet to respond to nonsense with a wave of unrelenting memes.