If being at work and away from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has got you in one helluva Thursday morning funk, I have just the cure for you. It’s a bunch of Marvel stuntmen doing live action Smash Bros. and it absolutely whips sack.

Published by the YouTube channel, Legend of Micah, the video features stuntmen and body doubles who worked on The Avengers movies, as well as TV shows like The Walking Dead. This time, though, they’re playing classic Smash fighters, Mario, Captain Falcon, Ness, and Link, duking it out in a spectacularly choreographed scene.

“In their personal time, they explore new choreography and stunt ideas…sometimes taking on the roles of their favorite video game characters,” the video description reads. It also contains special effects, the iconic Smash music, and original sound effects.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Now all I wanna do is play Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Image: Legend of Micah