Fresh ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ Footage Shows Off A Huge Interplanetary ‘GTA’

I’d say there’s still a long time before Ubisoft‘s upcoming space epic, Beyond Good & Evil 2, is released, but today we got a good look at how it’s coming along and as you’ll see, it’s shaping up to be absolutely massive.

[jwplayer sKZZk6x3]

Streaming the game for around an hour, the company showed off various locations and gameplay systems featured in the enormous play area (which will be split into several zones, each with multiple planets), including vehicles, co-op play, upgrades known as augments, and more. Starting underground, the demo then took to the streets of the megacity, Ganesha, before finishing up in space, all with completely seamless transitions.

Amazingly, every vehicle you come across in Between Good & Evil 2 can be hijacked an driven, making it kind of like an enormous interplanetary GTA. The scale is honestly impressive, and we’re talking about pre-alpha footage, meaning it’s still in the early stages of development.

When it is released, you’ll play as a customisable space pirate captain capable of putting together a crew to embark on missions. Augments, which are essentially different abilities, can be applied to your character throughout your journey. You’ll also be able to play co-op with others as part of a “drop-in” system, but can still be played completely solo if that’s more your speed.

Ships are also customisable and can also be augmented with various abilities, like being able to shoot healing missiles towards allies.

You can check out the entire stream here if you have an hour to kill, or you can watch a narrated summary of it in the clip below.

There’s no release date for Beyond Good & Evil 2 yet, but if I had to put money on it, I’d wager we won’t see a release until the next generation of gaming hardware drops. At the earliest, we’ll see it at the very end of the current lifecycle.

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