One Of Steam’s Current Trending Games Won’t Let You Play Again If You Die

There’s a free-to-play game currently sitting in Steam‘s New and Trending category which literally gives you one life. If you die, you can’t play it again.

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Last night, I was playing a few rounds of CS:GO‘s new battle royale mode, Danger Zone, when I fucked up so badly I straight-up rage quit. To cool off before going to bed, I figured I’d have a quick browse of the Steam store and stumbled across something called Russian Roulette: One Life. Intrigued, I opened the page.

The concept is simple: you’re in a cabin with a stranger who would love to play some Russian Roulette with you, but if you die, that’s it. As the title suggests, you literally only have one life. After you die, the number of rounds you survived will be displayed on a gravestone in the cemetery surrounding the cabin.

“Russian Roulette: One Life is an experimental, free to play, skill based game which gives you only ONE LIFE to play the game,” the store description reads. “If you die in the game, you can’t play it again. Your score before death determines how close your gravestone is to the center.”

I decided to give it a go for shits and giggles, plus it was only roughly 75mb to download, so it only took about a minute to install. I jumped in and got straight down to business, loading a single bullet into an empty chamber of the revolver and spinning the cylinder. I pulled the trigger and died instantly. That was it. No more Russian Roulette for me.

Of course, there’s an option to pay for immortality, if you really wanna play more Russian Roulette for $5. “You can buy DLC to play the game after you die as a ghost,” the Steam page says. “Your kills as a ghost will go to a different leaderboard.”

The game’s currently sitting at an 84% positive user rating, with one reviewer calling it a “unique gaming experience”. Essentially, it’s just a weird way to kill 5 minutes. You can check out the trailer below.

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