A Picture Of Apple’s Rumoured “iPhone X Plus” Screen Has Already Leaked

It was only a matter of time before details of the three new iPhones that Apple is rumoured to release this year began leaking through the cracks, and here we are.

One of those units is, at least for the moment, referred to as the iPhone X Plus, a larger version of last year’s 10th anniversary edition phone, the iPhone X. A leaked picture of its alleged 6.5 inch screen were recently posted to the MacX forums.

It was later removed, but not before MacRumours got a hold of it and posted it themselves. Check it out below.

Whether or not it’s a genuine Apple screen is not confirmed, but it does have the signature notch at the top and, according to MacRumours, the logic board connected to the bottom is labeled similarly to how the company number its parts.

But then again, a heap of other companies are already copying the whole notch idea that people seem to either love or hate, so there’s a chance it could be another brand altogether.

Either way, a bigger version of the iPhone X is a safe bet for at least one of Apple’s upcoming phones. Given the huge price tag of its latest unit, I’d expect this one to cost even more.