People Are Dropping Spicy Memes About Their Old Phones Carking It After The iPhone 12 Reveal

iphone 12 reaction memes

Apple has officially announced the iPhone 12 range, which has like 400 new options to choose from, and people are reacting in exactly the right way – bulk memes. As soon as the announcement was made by Tim Cook in a fancy-ass virtual keynote, people started hobbling together memes about their current iPhone’s battery life just absolutely falling apart.

And as you’d expect, they’re glorious.

The memes are a shady reference to the fact that Apple was busted and fined for deliberately slowing down older models of phones, forcing customers to buy a newer model as they were rolled out.

So as the new iPhone range was unveiled this morning, some real shady binches took to Twitter to comment on how the battery life on ther current phone will be affected by the announcement.

Or just how their phones will run at all after the iPhone 12 announcement. Not even just the battery, the whole phone.

This one sassy betch depicted how the Apple HQ looked like when they “slowed down older phones” and it’s absolutely sent me express post.

Some even predicted the announcement when they realised their phone’s battery was carking it earlier this month.

And this isn’t even including the reaction to Apple not including earbuds or a charger in the new iPhone boxes. Which look, fair, there are already a billion cords tangled up in drawers and stuff across the world but also how dare you change ANYTHING.

The new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are set to be released into the world from October 23 with preorders starting on October 16, and the iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max go on preorder from November 7, and will land on November 13. You can get more info and pricing (oh God, don’t show your wallet) over on the Apple website right now.

Now I’m eyeing off my 8 Plus and threatening it to not just give out on me.

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