It Looks Like Instagram’s Next Stories Feature Could Be A Portrait Mode

Portrait photography has become the new thing now that it’s something you can easily do with a smartphone, so it was only a matter of time before social media giants started integrating it into their own apps.

And it looks like Instagram‘s gonna be the first one off the mark this time around, as Tech Crunch revealed earlier today. Thank to one of its readers, the page got a hold of some images hidden inside Insta’s Android Application Package (APK), including this icon for the feature.

The image is allegedly meant to show up on the Stories camera modes wheel, just as modes like Superzoom and Boomerang do. Of course, no one’s even sure if this has hit the testing phase yet, so we may never see it come to life, but similar leaks happened prior to the introduction of GIFs in Stories, so hey, it seems pretty likely.

In its constant battle with Snapchat, Instagram is continuously looking for ways to get ahead of the competition while maintaining its position of the ~classier~ alternative. Now that the iPhone X‘s premium portrait mode feature looks almost as good as a goddamn SLR camera, folks everywhere are hungry to get a hold of the impressive feature without having to dish out for an expensive smartphone.

The Google Pixel 2 also runs a similar – but just as impressive – portrait feature. Just how much power Instagram is willing to give with their own version of the feature is uncertain at this stage, so it’s probably safe not to get your hopes up too high.

Your move, Snapchat.

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