Instagram Is Breaking Into The Portrait Mode Game For Srsly Fuego Selfies

A little while ago an Instagram user found some evidence suggesting the platform was testing their own version of a portrait camera mode. It turns out they were right on the money, because the Facebook-owned company has just announced the new feature under the name Focus.

Just like the popular camera feature on later iPhones and the Google Pixel 2, Focus uses fancy technology to blur the background of an image, making it look professional as hell.

Focus is rolling out globally right now, so you’ll need to update your phone to get it. It should hit here within 24 hours, but Instagram did provide details on how to use it. Focus will live in the Stories camera, so once you swipe on over to that, you just need to swipe along the bottom to find it between Boomerang and Superzoom.

Once selected, you tap focus to find a face on either the front or rear camera, then take a photo or video. You’ll be able to apply filters and other decorative shit to the image if you so wish.

It’s a smart move on Instagram’s part, given the popularity of the camera feature which generally comes at a high price. It’s also another sneaky jab at Snapchat, but I’d wager it won’t be long until they introduce their own iteration of the feature.