Here’s What It Looks Like When A GoPro Miraculously Survives A Lava Flow

Watching things being engulfed by slow moving lava is entertaining as hell. It tends to fall into the same category as throwing junk into a giant shredder or the slow motion destruction of TVs. There’s just something insanely satisfying about it.

YouTube channel PetaPixel recently posted a video taken by a GoPro that miraculously survived a slow, but incredibly hot stream of lava, which is approximately 1,000 degrees celsius. That, my friends, is one spicy meat-a-ball.

Kilauea EcoGuides lead, Erik Storm, popped the camera down into a crevasse to get some footage of the Hawaiian volcano boogers when it flowed suddenly and attacked the hardware head-on. Even though its protective casing was made of plastic, it still managed to survive the onslaught.

Because the lava was pretty thick, it didn’t manage to completely cover the GoPro, which was eventually salvaged. You can suss the video footage below.

After it cooled, Storm was able to smash through the rock and retrieve his camera, which continued to film everything. Apparently it still works, but not all that well. No surprises there.

The moral of the story is if you’re filming lava, don’t forget about your camera. It might die and you will be sad about it.