Google Street View Captured A Bloke In Brisbane Firing Off The Double Birds

Google Street View captures the glorious minutiae of everyday life, in all its mundane beauty. People walking to the shops. Cars idling at intersections. And, occasionally, rogue lunatics following the camera giving it the full, double-barrelled middle fingers.

[jwplayer sKZZk6x3]

Intrepid map watchers over on Reddit discovered a curious presence when taking a Google Maps-assisted virtual tour of Brisbane’s glorious Queen Street Mall: A bloke who apparently took it upon himself to tail the camera car with both guns blazing.

The man appears in several shots of the mall, following the camera closely as reefs both middle fingers skyward and gives the car the classic ole’ 1-2-Kostya Tszyu.

The pictures were compiled into one handy, fancy GIF.

Could be staged, you might think. Likely to be a stitch, you could assume. Probably shopped, you may reckon.

But further investigation reveals that if you take a ride down the mall, bam, there indeed he is.

Old mate spends quite a bit of time following the camera, as it turns out, never once deviating from his rigid commitment to telling Google to sit on this and summarily rotate.

Curiously though, there is some mild variation early in his journey, where instead of inviting Google to have a suck on some single-barrelled classics, he instead opts for the more colonial and traditional double forks.

Who is this local hero, so aggrieved by Google’s presence that he immortalised his outrage by letting them film him telling them to fuck off and keep fucking off and when they’ve finished doing that then fuck off some more?

A humble battler. A weary traveller. A flag-bearer of one of Australia’s proudest and most treasured traditions: Telling things to get stuffed.

Nothing but respect.