Google Pixel Announced And Sweet Heck It Has The Best Ever Phone Camera

Google made some announcements this morning in San Francisco, one of which was the much rumoured Google Pixel smartphone. 
The phone has a particular focus on the new built-in Google Assistant, dubbed the “personal Google”. Google’s Rick Osterloh says “building hardware and software together takes full advantage of the Google Assistant.”
There are some pretty heavy Siri vibes and honestly, there doesn’t appear to be any huge difference, so time will tell which one comes out on top.
What is impressive, is the Pixel’s 12.3-megapixel camera which they say is the best smartphone camera ever made. It has a DXO Mark rating of 89, while the iPhone 7 scored 86. It also boasts features like HDR+, video stabilisation and free unlimited photos and video storage at full resolution via Google Photo
Pixel will have a quick charge feature, giving 7 hours of battery life with just 15 minutes of charge. It comes in a 5 inch or 5.5 inch (XL) display in colours such as Quite Black, Really Blue and Very SIlver. It’s also VR ready, boasting the ability to pair wirelessly with Google’s own VR headset which was also announced today. It comes in 32GB or 128GB storage sizes, supports USB type-C and yes, it has a headphone jack.
The 32GB Pixel will be available in Australia starting at $1,079, while the 32GB Pixel XL will be $1,269. Both will launch on October 20. Google have partnered with Telstra and the Pixel is available for pre-order today in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany and UK.