The true moral of Parks and Rec is to buy what you want now because you just wanna. That’s what I heard and I will not be taking questions at this time.

If you’ve been thinking about treating yo’ self to a new Pixel, this is the perfect time to do it. Telstra and Optus have slashed over $400 from the Pixel 3’s launch price, bringing it down to $792 with Telstra and $756 with Optus.

24-month plans with Telstra now start from $83 per month with 15GB of data and $70.50 with 10GB over at Optus. Over 36 months, plans start at $72 and $60 per month, respectively. For comparison, Optus used to charge $89 per month for 24 months. Guys, that’s a monthly saving of up to $18.50. By the end of the year, you could have a shiny new smartphone and over $200 extra in your account – that’s at least 20 gin and tonics.

Seriously, take a look at these deals:

24-month Pixel 3 plans

36-month Pixel 3 plans

Google’s Pixel range is becoming increasingly popular, and that’s probably because their cameras are great, plus they get first dibs on any Android improvements. The Pixel 3 only has one rear-facing camera, but boy does it do its job well.

You won’t be compromising the quality of your photography, as the single camera has most of the functionality the two, three, and four lens models do these days. Also, you’ll get a wide-angle selfie camera which means you can actually get group shots without cutting half of Karen’s head out.

If you’re umming and ahhing, then listen to the wise words of Tom Haverford, “Love fades away. But things? Things last forever.”

Anula Keenan is Associate Editor at WhistleOut Australia.

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