‘Cheap’ and ‘Telstra‘ aren’t two words you tend to see in a sentence together, like ‘amazing’ and ‘venereal disease’. Which is why a Google Pixel on a Telstra plan for under $50 per month is worth sharing, like an amazing venereal disease.

For the money, you get a Pixel 2, 15GB of data each month. Plus, if you love your sports, you can watch the AFL, AFLW, NRL, soccer and netball for free.

If you crack out the calculators, this is a great deal. Over the course of the contract, the total is $1,176. The Google Pixel 2 sells for $999, which means the phone plan works out at $7.30 per month.

Google Pixel phones are pretty awesome, but the standout feature is always the photos. Google has invested heaps into AI that turns regular phone camera photos into awesome shots, so you don’t need to muck around with the settings. Just leave the camera in Auto mode and let the robots do their work.

Telstra is running the offer on its new Deals page where it is promising to have new discounts to share on Thursdays every week. If you take a peek now you can also save $60 on an Apple Watch and find a couple of solid prepaid deals.

Image: Getty Images