A FaceTime Bug Lets You See The Other Person Even If They Reject The Call

If you and your mates are partial to a bit of FaceTime action every now and then, you might wanna hold off until Apple fixes its latest major bug. Originally reported by 9to5Mac, the bug allows callers to enable audio on the receiver’s device before they’ve even answered the phone. If the call is rejected, you can even get a brief video feed.

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Independently verified by CNET, the issue is affecting both iPhones and Macs, essentially giving people the ability to spy on anyone with either device, if only for a few moments.

While making a FaceTime call, it’s possible to add another person to the call by swiping up on the iPhone, and if you add your own number while the phone is still ringing, the recipient’s mic will turn on and you’ll be able to hear audio from their end before the call has been accepted.

According to a report from The Verge, if the recipient rejects the call using the power button, the caller will get a video feed from the recipient’s phone for a few seconds, which is even scarier than just plain audio. What if you were sitting on the can? How embarrassing.

Apple has released a statement saying the bug will be fixed via an update set for release later this week, but many tech experts are recommending Mac and iPhone users turn off FaceTime until the issue is resolved.

Scary stuff, folks. Hopefully, the fix comes sooner rather than later.

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