Apple’s Apparently Working On A ‘Netflix For Games’ Subscription Service

According to sources close to Cheddar, Apple is planning to launch a service which would essentially function like Netflix, but for gaming, and has allegedly been in development since the second half of 2018.

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The news has apparently been verified by five different sources, but no one really knows what kind of games it’ll offer just yet. Given Apple’s line of hardware and the fact that Mac computers tend to run fewer games than PC, I’d wager the service will offer a suite of premium mobile games for the cost of a subscription.

The project is said to be in “early stages of development,” so nothing’s been confirmed at this point, of course, but the move makes sense given both the slowing down of iPhone sales and the growth of the gaming industry, particularly where esports is concerned. I mean, even Farming Simulator has a goddamn pro league now.

Along with a gaming service, the tech company has apparently also considered becoming a publisher in the space, which kinda makes me think they could be looking to work on some gaming-specific hardware. Could you imagine a gaming Mac? I just can’t picture it or the outrageous size of its pricetag.

Microsoft and Google, among some other big companies, are also planning the launch of their own gaming services, with the former looking to make high-end console games playable on just about anything with a screen and an internet connection.

It’s not the only entertainment drive Apple is working on, either, with its own Netflix rival slated to launch towards the latter end of 2019. As always, we’ll have to wait and see whether this is legit or whether it’ll be canned before it even sees the light of day.

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