‘Doom 3’ Is Now Playable In Your Browser, Good Luck Hiding It From Your Boss

If you’re looking for something to do when you get over your job at approximately 3:30 this afternoon, why not load up a bit of Doom 3 in your internet browser?

[jwplayer rQNicHPJ]

That’s right, Doom 3 is now playable online in your browser. It’s not the whole game – just the demo – but still impressive nonetheless. It took what felt like a goddamn eternity to load for me, but it got there and ran eventually.

Don’t expect amazing framerates or anything, but for a browser experience, it’s a pretty good effort. “Performance is decent – but not yet optimal – with around 30 FPS on a modern desktop system (ranges from 20 to 50 FPS),” coder Gabriel Cuvillier wrote. “The visuals are matching almost exactly those of the original game.”

By the sounds of it, can even be optimised for even better performance moving forward, but I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed how it runs, even now.

The whole thing is essentially a way to test the Tech 4 engine in a way that’s playable within pretty much any browser, which is similar to what Doom creators, id Software, did with Quake Live a little while ago.

You can give it a whirl right here if you’re keen. It’ll even work in browsers on your phone, although the controls aren’t optimised for touchscreens, so you won’t actually be able to play it in that format, unfortunately.

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