Bill Gates, Nerd, Is No Longer The Richest Person On The Planet

Team, I’m happy to report that Bill Gates has received the rich guy equivalent of a brutal double dacking in front of the girls table at school: he has been knocked off the top of the Forbes rich list.

His quite frankly pathetic $110 billion fortune has been eclipsed by that of Jeff Bezos, the Amazon boss who now has a personal net wealth of $115 billion. 115 billion freakin’ dollars. I would say that is far too much money for one man to have, by orders of magnitude.
Bezos’ jump in wealth is basically linked to his 17 percent equity stake in Amazon. The share price of the tech giant has risen 24 percent over the past four months, and are now worth $1348. The only solution to this is full communism, immediately.
Gates has been at the top of the Forbes list for 18 of the past 22 years – only being knocked off his perch for one period, by Mexican telco magnate Carlos Slim. That was from 2010 to 2013, when Gates regained his perch.
Sorry, just want to stress it one more time: $115 billion. My lord.
Source: Forbes.
Photo: Microsoft.