Amazon’s CEO Lost $27 Million A Day In 2014

Bloomberg recently released The 400 Richest People In The World, their favourite list of the year which ranks billionaires for fun, and it looks like there’s bad news for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

In 2014, Bezos’ personal wealth dropped $9.85 billion, which works out as roughly $27 million a day. Bezos is still worth almost $40 billion, but he tumbled to the 23rd richest dude on Earth, which probably isn’t fun when Obama only invites the Top 20 to go horse-riding at Camp David or whatever.
On the other side of the coin (*boom tish*), old mate Mark Zuckerberg casually added $13.5 billion to his personal hoard this year, surging him up to $44 billion. Remember when everyone told you Facebook’s stock prices weren’t going to be worth anything? You should ask Mark about that, when he gets back from playing 9 holes with the President.
And to round out the trifecta of absurd tech wealth, Bill Gates has jumped back up to the top spot. That’s right, Mr Microsoft is richer than anyone you will ever meet ever. He’s worth $107.5 billion, making him even more cashed up than Warren Buffett, who usually sits up in that throne when Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim doesn’t have it.    
Image via Getty/ Frank Micelotta