Amazon Nerd Jeff Bezos Is Now The Richest Person In Modern History

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos – who spearheads a company that grants American teens the ability to order a three course meal’s worth of Tide Pods and have them delivered on the same day – is officially the richest person in the history of the modern world.

On Monday morning, Bezos’ net worth cracked USD$150billion. One hundred and fifty billion dollars. If you ask me, that’s too many dollars for any one person to have. Call me crazy, it’s just my opinion on the matter.

Bezos’ worth is so immense that it now eclipses that of Bill Gates – the second richest person in the world – by a staggering $55billion.

More to that, Bezos’ gargantuan, Scrooge McDuck-like wealth has pipped Gates in inflation-adjusted terms to make him the richest person the modern world has ever seen.

Back in 1999, Gates briefly topped the $100billion mark, which – when adjusted for inflation – would be around $149billion in today’s money. Bezos now how more. He has entirely too much cash. He must give some of it to me.

Bezos’ wealth has soared some $52billion this past year alone, on the back of the Amazon share price skyrocketing 56% in 2018. That spike in wealth is more than the total wealth of Asia’s richest person, Mukesh Ambani. It also puts Bezos, an individual person, within a whiff of the combined fortune of the Walton Family, who at $151.5billion are the world’s richest dynasty.

Jeff Bezos is so wealthy, in fact, that his personal fortune is now almost double that of the third-richest person on earth, Warren Buffet.

It should be said that Bill Gates would still be – by far and away – the richest person on earth if he had held onto the gargantuan slice of his personal fortune that he has given away throughout the years, which includes US$2.9billion in cash and 700 million shares in Microsoft.

So for now, a man whose name is “Jeff,” is richer than any other person in the history of modern economics.


His name. It is Jeff.