Here’s The ACCC’s Latest List Of The Best NBN Plans If You’re Looking For A Connection

Contributor: Joseph Hanlon

We really shouldn’t have to work hard to get good internet speeds. But even after $50 billion has been pumped into the NBN, picking a good plan, and dodging the crumby ones, is still harder than it should be.

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Thankfully, the shopping mall cops over the ACCC have been keeping an eye on internet speeds and performance and have the tea on who is best at getting bits to your brains the fastest.

To do this, the ACCC puts NBN speed monitors into the homes of volunteers across the country to monitor speed as people slam Pornhu– I mean, browse the information super-highway. Yeah, that one. 

TPG is (still) both cheap and fast

TPG is top of the pops again, managing to deliver 87% of the maximum plan speeds, meaning if you are paying for the NBN 100 plan, you are getting speeds of 87Mbps on average. Given the way the NBN works, and the mix of good and bad connections, this is a pretty strong result.

But remarkably, TPG plans are also some of the cheapest around. It’s pretty rare when you can say that the cheapest of something is also the best, but according to the ACCC, this is the case in the topsy-turvy world of NBN plans.

Exetel is similarly cheap, nearly as fast

Exetel slides into fourth place on the ACCC charts, but second place in our hearts, thanks to good old-fashioned cheap prices, further proving that you don’t need to pay a fortune to skip the buffering and get all the Netflix into your eyeballs ASAP. If you sign up for Exetel plan you should get about 85% of your plan maximum speed during peak hours.

Optus offers the best NBN of the big guys

With Telstra and Optus, there’s only a couple of percentage points in it, but Optus comes out on top. If you sign up for an Optus plan you can expect to see about 86.7% of the plan’s maximum speed, even during busy periods.

Aussie Broadband NBN is a close third

Aussie Broadband is the darling of NBN fanboys and the ACCC agrees. On average, Aussie customers get about 86.6% of plan maximum speeds, and the prices aren’t too bad either. Not as cheap as TPG but not far off the pace.

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