A Sneaky Bugger Might Have Hijacked Your Netflix & Here’s How To Find Out

Another day, another filthy criminal steals some precious logins or some other delicious data. Can ya not, please? 

And look, this one isn’t that bad, but more of a mild annoyance depending on how angry you’d be if you learnt that some freeloader was watching Netflix on your dime.
Apparently, some wanker hacked the streaming company and stole a whole bunch of your logins that are now being sold on the Dark Web for a one-off price, allowing the buyer to use the service with your account. 
You’ll likely never notice, but there’s a way you can find out so you can kick them to the bloody gutter they came from. 
All ya gotta do is click the drop-down menu next to your name at the top right of the window and check your viewing activity. If you see that some jerk has been watching something you never have, just click ‘see recent account access’. 
Here you can see the date, time and location of the login. If it’s unrecognised, simply jump into your settings, click ‘sign out of all devices’ and change your password. Sorted. 

Source: News.com.au.
Photo: The Matrix.