5 Frankly Insane Ways To Get Through 30GB Of Mobile Data Every Month

While 30GB might not sound like a whole lot in terms of traditional data allowances, it’s actually tons in the context of mobile data. In fact, I’d wager it’s actually really bloody hard to use 30GB on your phone every month.

Because smartphone displays are much smaller than a traditional TV or computer monitor, it means the data required to stream a video or view a webpage is also smaller, so 30GB will stretch a lot further than it would on a standard home internet connection.

With that in mind, here are some frankly insane ways you could burn through 30GB in a month.

1. Binge 120 hours of Netflix

You can watch so much Netflix on the go with 30GB of data at your disposal. I’m not kidding, you’d have to watch so much it’d probably be considered unhealthy by those around you, but hey, that’s none of their goddamn business.

According to the comparison site, WhistleOut, streaming via Netflix specifically chews up about 250MB every hour if the quality setting is left on auto, which usually plays at a resolution of 720p for mobile. This equates to about four hours per 1GB, which is a massive 120 hours of streaming for your entire 30GB allowance.

You could literally stream for 5 days straight if you’re cool about having no data left for anything else. Grouse.

2. Play music for everyone pretty much constantly

Compared to video streaming, data usage for music streaming is like a tiny baby. If left at normal quality, you’re looking at about 2MB per song and around 40MB per hour, which translates to 100 hours for every 4GB.

Divided amongst a 30GB plan, that’s about 750 hours of music streaming, which is 31.25 straight days of musical glory. This means you could stream tunes pretty much constantly and still have some data left over for whatever else you wanna do.

You, dancing forever.

Queue up a few fire playlists and just let them go on repeat forever, on loudspeaker all of the time for everyone around you. Why not?

Aussie telco amaysim has a great 30GB sim-only plan for $30, which is unreal value if you ask me. Get amongst it.

3. Watch this 10-hour crab rave 12 times

Similar to Netflix, YouTube chews through roughly the same amount of data when streaming video, which means you can watch up to 120 hours of whatever the hell you want.

What better way to test this tremendous ability along with your own sanity than with this video of crabs raving for 10 hours. With 30GB of data, you’ll have enough to watch it 12 times in a row, which will probably leave you hating crabs and raves more than anything else in existence.

4. Make scrolling through Instagram your full-time job

You could scroll through your Instagram feed for 10 hours every day if you had 30GB of data to throw around on the monthly. That’s full-time employment hours, folks, more if you divvy up the weekend allowance into your weekdays.

An hour’s worth of scrolling eats through about 100MB of data, so that’s about 12-and-half days straight over the month if that’s more your jam. I certainly wouldn’t recommend staying up for that long, but I’m not your dad. Do what you want.

5. Add sneakers to your cart 27,972 times

Excessive? Perhaps, but who doesn’t love a few tens of thousands of pairs of shoes? Hell, it doesn’t even have to be shoes, it can be whatever you want. With 30GB of data, you can add so much stuff to your cart it’ll make your head spin. Whether you actually hit the checkout button, though, is up to you.

However you decide to get through 30GB every month, I think we can all agree that it’s a huge amount of data. If anything, a plan that big can give you the peace of mind that you probably won’t go over your allowance, at least not easily. And hey, if you ever find yourself without internet at home, the option to tether your phone might be enough to get you by.

Stay hungry, data fiends.

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