You Wish Your Summer Looked Like This

Produced in association with Sunglass Hut. 
Congratulations. You’ve done it – you’ve braved the first 343 days of the year and you’ve made it to this vital point: the beginning of Summer and the zenith of your marathon procrastination effort for the year MMXIV. 
What follows herein is the second instalment in our no shade appreciation of the Cook Islands‘ natural beauty as viewed through the eyes of Natalia Parsonson, filtered through the singular lens of resident tour guide Tully Smyth and accessorised with ample #blessed vibes courtesy of someone who has apparently unlocked the secret to life, Natasha Oakley, whose job it is to literally wear a bikini a day. Observe:
Take a break. You’ve earned this one.   

Photos by Natalia Parsonson.