A Checklist For The End Of Summer If You’re Yet To Make The Most Of Barbecuing Szn

Welp, we’re here again folks. The Australian Open is done and dusted which means the sun is inevitably setting on summer. But don’t pull your winter coats out from storage just yet. We still have four weeks left of the Good Season so here’s a non-conclusive bucket list of everything you should do before March arrives. 

Chuck something on the barbie 

Call it a cliché but every Australian needs at least ONE barbeque in summer, right? 

Yes, the weather is unpredictable and trying to find a Saturday where your friends are all free takes a bloody spreadsheet, but be sure to gather up as many pals as possible and stand around a sizzling barbie before March 1st. 

If you’re trying to eat more plant-based foods or make more sustainable choices, Impossible™ Beef is a delicious alternative that’s still got the nutrients ya need while also being better for the planet.

You don’t need to be a vegetarian to want to make better choices for animals (in fact, Impossible™ Beef was made with meat eaters in mind). It also has 18.8g of protein per serving, so you can grill it up while still getting your protein gains (no matter what your mate Bruce reckons). So chuck it on the barbie, sink a tinnie and enjoy the Great Australian Summer. 

Eat an icy pole with reckless abandon 

Alright, I’ll bite. Adults don’t eat enough icy poles. Yes, your fancy $8 gelato looks better on Instagram, but the pleasures of a basic lemonade icy pole cannot be overstated. Grab a packet from the corner store and walk barefoot on the road home for a true childhood summer memory. 

Find a holiday house to crash 

If you have parents with a holiday house, congratulations, you’ve won the genetic lottery. For those of us without generational wealth, flex your detective skills and try and find a friend, acquaintance or cousin’s-boyfriend’s-parents’ holiday house to crash in. Bonus points if it’s near the beach, triple points if you can nab a stay at one over a long weekend. 

Read a trashy summer novel 

Not everything needs ~discourse ~ guys. Stop with the book challenges and deep non-fiction takes that no one asked for. The world is burning, so this summer, indulge yourself in a trashy summer read and escape into a book where they make worse decisions than you. If you need some inspo, head to PTV’s Litty Committee. You’re welcome, babe. 

Listen to ‘In The Summertime’ by Thirsty Merc on repeat 

Should the Bondi Rescue theme song be a serious consideration for a new Australian National Anthem? Yes. Should you still listen to it on repeat over the next four weeks to feel that sweet sweet summer energy? Also, yes. In my opinion, it should be illegal to have an Aussie summer without listening to the 2004 hit. 

Do something you’ve never tried before 

For some reason, summer is The Season to reinvent ourselves. Whether it’s the fact that the Southern Hemisphere summer falls over the new year or that the sunshine makes us want to be the best version of ourselves, before autumn runs her chilly hands over you, do something you’ve never tried. 

We all have that one thing we’d do if “we just had more time” but spoiler alert: there’s never enough time. Especially if you’re working, have family commitments, or have to commute. Cut the excuses, stop cancelling on yourself for other people (guilty) and do the thing you’ve always wanted to try. Surfing, painting, roller skating, chess. Whatever! Don’t let this season pass you by without taking time out for you.