Win Tickets To The Lipton Ice Tea Virgin Cocktails Summer Exhibition Tour

You know all that voting you’ve been doing for the 2012 Photography Awards presented by Lipton Ice Tea and Contiki? Of course you do. We want to thank you for conducting your own little Click Frenzy by offering you and the people you’ve been relentlessly spamming a chance to attend your local leg of The Lipton Ice Tea Virgin Cocktails Summer Exhibition Tour to see the results of all your hard voting work and the Lipton Best Snaps of the Summer.
To celebrate the launch of the exhibition tour (and summer), we’re giving away two double passes to each leg of the tour, the latest of which is the Melbourne meet-and-greet taking place on December 15th, where you’ll be joined by Purple Sneakers DJs. All you have to do is this: 
In 25 words or less tell us 3 essential ingredients for a carefree summer, with your region and email address included.  Once you’re done distilling the ingredients for a perfect summer into those 25 words, double down on your chances of winning even more tickets to party with Pedestrian by clicking right here
The winners from this year’s Photography Awards will be included in the Lipton Ice Tea Virgin Cocktails Summer Exhibition Tour. The drinks menu will, of course, feature Lipton Ice Tea Virgin Cocktails, available in three classic flavours – Pina Colada, Mojito and Daiquiri. So fresh and so clean.  
Photo by Jarrad Seng chosen by Lipton Ice Tea as one of their Top 20 Snaps of the Summer.