Kanye West‘s much anticipated collab with Adidas has just dropped and sweet baaaaaaby Yeezus, it’s fresh.
surprise 🙂
As any keen Kanye, and by extension Kardashian, fan would know by now, the Adidas X Calabasas collection has been teased since last September. You’ve probably already seen selected pieces on the legs and heads of Kanye’s nearest and dearest.
The collection (which you can spy here on Yeezy Supply) is dark and moody and features navy, maroon and black pieces styled with a clear 1980s throwback vibe. 
He’s included some trackie dacks, a long-sleeve crewneck and a pair of socks (all with ‘Calablasas’ scrawled down the side), a dad cap, a cute lil enamel pin and a pair of white sneakers, likea so:
if u look close enough you can see Calabasas in gold foil… but otherwise these scream Reebok NPC II, no?
While unconfirmed (all the pieces on the website are currently ‘Not Available’) the Yeezy Mafia say the pants are $418AUD, if that gives you an idea. It’s all a bit cryptic, but it looks like the first drop has sold out. If you’re a mad fan, trawling eBay will be your best bet for getting your filthy paws on some pieces. 
The best bit is that every purchase comes with a zine that features young models A$AP Nast and Ganna Bogdan looking chill and hot, respectively. It mirrors the aesthetic his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, has adopted on her Insta since the Paris robbery:
And just like that, Yeezy’s evolution from American hip hop artist to a Fitzroy-living, 35mm-loving, struggling art student is complete.
Source: Adidas.
Photo: Adidas.