Beyonce’s Upcoming IVY PARK Collab Has Gold Adidas Stripe Grillz & They’re Fkn Everything

ivy park grillz

As someone who doesn’t subscribe to the athleisure trend and who isn’t particularly a diehard Beyoncé fan (please don’t come for me, Beyhive), I didn’t think I’d really care for the recently-released IVY PARK x adidas collaboration. 

But I will eat my words because Queen Bey has teased single-tooth adidas stripe grillz.


Fucking GRILLZ.

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The collection features two different gold grillz, both designed in collaboration with French jewellery designer and grillzmaker Dolly Cohen.

Cohen’s impressive resume includes designing personalised grillz for the likes of Rihanna, Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, just to name a few. 

And now is your chance to live like the previously named celebrities with your very own pair of Dolly Cohen grillz (just the much cheaper, less diamond-encrusted version).

One piece set is for those of us who might want the words “IVY PARK” written on their bottom teeth.

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IVY PARK @beyonce

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The REAL beauty in this collection comes in the form of a simple single-tooth grill(z) of the iconic adidas stripes.

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???? 2020

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I know most of us spent a majority of our teenage years trying to get metal OFF our teeth, so the thought of voluntarily decking your teeth out in some bling probably has you running for the hills.

But there’s something about these simple, effortlessly cool grillz that have me reaching for the teeth-whitening strips in preparation for the release.

Why do I love this?

Beyoncé has been teasing the new IVY PARK collab since December 2019. We don’t know much about exactly when the collection is dropping, or if the grillz will even be available for purchase. The collection will feature shoes, jewellery and apparel