Win 1 of 5 Suboo B each Umbrellas

Most 20 something peeps I speak to have some sort of shady era in their teens which they look back and hang their head in shame. I can’t really say I’m one of them, there’s not much that regret… However one thing I do look back on and laugh about is my lack of care in regards to the sun and it’s weathering ways. It wasn’t too long ago when I use to spend the majority of my days floundering around in the ocean surfing 4 times a day without suncream. My mum always use to be like “you’ll end up looking like a leather bag” of which I use to reply “cool.” Yeah… For some reason I use to think wrinkles were groovy and Iggy Pop was god.

What a change; now verging on adulthood, counting down the months until 21 I find myself frothing over beach umbrellas. Beach umbrellas like these ones, courtesy of Suboo.

We’ve got 5 of these Havana Palm Beach bad boys to give away, want one?

To win just tell us what you would get up to under the shade of your umbrella, the most creative response wins:

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