WATCH: Shark Kendall Jenner Is Predator Up Top, Party Down Below For LOVE Mag

It just wouldn’t be the festive season without Kendall Jenner appearing in a bizarrely titillating shoot for LOVE Magazine‘s annual advent calendar – try as they might, this is one holiday tradition those liberal #WarOnChristmas nuts can’t take away from us. 

Last year, Kendall was spanked by a bad Santa for day eight of the lingerie-heavy calendar, but this year, they’ve bumped her up to the number one spot, meaning we get to see the madness that is her LOVE advent shoot a whole week sooner.
A few days back, LOVE teased Kendall’s contribution by sharing a picture of her dressed as a hammerhead shark – very much a predator up top, party down below kind of look for her:

#loveadvent ?????? #kendall #sharky

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The whimsical-as-fuck video arrived overnight, and it shows Kendall-as-shark creeping up on Kendall-as-regular human while she showers, channelling classics like Jaws and Psycho.

Go ahead and watch the Doug Inglish-directed clip below. Just when you thought it was safe to keep up with the Kardashians …