WATCH: Only 90s Kids Will Froth The ‘Legends Of The Hidden Temple’ Trailer

Real talk: If you had Foxtel in its mid-late 90s glory days and didn’t harbour some ambition to one day own a Silver Snakes/Orange Iguanas/Blue Barracudas/Red Jaguars/Green Monkeys/Purple Parrots shirt, you didn’t really have Foxtel.

Nickelodeon‘s unspeakably cool adventure game show ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple‘ was kind of like ‘A*Mazing‘ mixed with ‘Indiana Jones.’ There was a mad temple maze to run through and a giant talking stone head and spooky Temple Guards and it was SO FKN SICK.
The slime-fuelled kids TV behemoth is on something of a nostalgia rampage at the moment, digging into their vast and impressive back catalogue to breathe new life into some old favourites. One of those just so happens to be ‘Hidden Temple.’ But rather than reboot the show as a game series, the network has done a kind-of sideways adaptation to produce a scripted original movie based on the show.
The network dropped the first trailer for the upcoming flick, and be damned if it doesn’t hit all the right notes. Clearly going for the bullseye on the nostalgia dartboard, the costumes, temple design, even the spooky-ass Temple Guards are all note-perfect from the original. In fact, the only thing that’s kind of wonky is the CGI Olmec. Hell, even Kirk Fogg is in there!

The film will air on Nick at some point in late November.
If it’s really true to the OG show, it’ll feature a 30-minute sequence of someone trying to put together the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

Source: Nickelodeon/Facebook.