Agent Provocateur, the British lingerie label that features heavily on sexy wishlists worldwide, have released their AW15 campaign and gaddamn, it’s making hearts a-flutter.

The film plays on an experimental format (that may be familiar if you’ve ever turned on SBS at 4am in the morning), mixed with classic old-world sexiness.

The campaign is by the talented Ellen von Unwerth, who is distinctly known for imagery that toys with the finest lines between eroticism and innocence. Her signature ‘haute-brat’ stylings manoeuvre this short movie, that ‘focuses on two naughty girls frolicking around an old English manor house in corsets, crystals, and luxurious lengths of the finest silk.’

In other words; if you like your ‘sexy’ mixed with ‘a little weird’, you’ll probably end up replaying this video more than a few times. 

Images & video: Supplied.