Australia’s political establishment has already inveighed upon the SNAFU’d American presidential election campaign, but they’re not really at license to freak the hell out at the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency. After all, if worst comes to worst, they’re the ones who’ll have to deal directly with his unimaginable government. 

Our own political outsiders seem to operate on America’s bizarre wavelength, though. Like antennae for some obscure broadcast signal, Senators Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson have tuned in to that frightening frequency and amplified the hell out of it.

Their interpretations on Trump are quite bloody different, though. Following a interview on Sunrise about the Republican candidate, his latest comments, and his generally indefensible stance on damn near every topic, the pair were caught in a hallway having their own personal biff on the issue:

In case you missed that tense lil’ exchange, Hinch straight up said “that you, as a woman, can even make any justification for what he has said and for what he has done is just…”

“Well I didn’t condone what he said, Derryn,” Hanson interjected. 

“No no, you said ‘the American people will decide’. If you are even slightly right, then God help the world. The man is a sexual predator, and he’s a disgrace,” Hinch concluded, as he eagerly awaited his lift away from her presence. 

Of course, it’s not really a surprise the Justice Party senator would have some problems with Trump. Hinch basically got into Parliament for the explicit purpose of talking shit about sexual abusers, and look, Trump’s leaked comments from 2005 amount to a boast about unwanted sexual advances. 

Remember, if Trump defies the odds and gets in, the world will have to deal with him for four years. We’re set for another six years of these two. 

WATCH: Hinch & Hanson Had A Hilarious Hallway Hot Mic Biff ‘Bout Trump

Source and photo: Sunrise / Channel 7 / Facebook.