WATCH: Bill Shorten Is Still Pissed At The Cameraman Who Filmed Him Dancing

If you enter into politics, you have to expect that everything you do will be recorded, pored over with a fine-tooth comb, and remembered. Every fuck up, every misstep, every bad soundbite will be held against you until you die and maybe for a little while after.

For the most part, our politicians seem to have made their peace with this fact. Tony Abbott still rears his wingnut head outside despite having eaten a raw onion on camera on purpose twice (TWICE) and despite having gone completely catatonic in an interview:
“You’re not saying anything, Tony.”
But Bill Shorten got hit somewhere much more personal: his dancing. Basically, no one is good at dancing. Like 1 in 10 people can dance. Everyone else looks like hot garbage but we’re all drunk and having fun when it happens so no one cares – if someone showed you footage of how you looked when you were dancing in the cold light of day, you would shit yourself immediately.
Luckily for us, no one is videoing our every movement, our lives are not ‘The Truman Show‘. Unluckily for Bill Shorten, his life is somewhat ‘The Truman Show‘.

Who among us hasn’t been filmed by ABC News gleefully dad-dancing like the happiest man alive? Me, I haven’t. You probably haven’t either. 
Bill clearly hasn’t forgotten about it and is apparently not willing to let the cameraman who filmed him doing it forget it either:

Turns out all you need to do to get Shorten to stand up to Turnbull is get Turnbull to film him dancing.
Source and photo: Twitter / @DavidSharaz.