Shorten Calls On Abbott To Accept 10,000 Refugees, Donate $100M To Aid

Bill Shorten has called on Tony Abbott to accept an additional 10,000 refugees on top of Australia‘s current intake of 13,7500, in the wake of the unfolding global humanitarian crisis.

In a just-released statement, he said:

“This is a significant contribution but could be offset by cost sharing with the states, community sponsored visas; family reunification visas and the provision of work right. If we work together, 10,000 places can be provided to people who desperately need our help.”

He’s also called on the Government to donate an additional $AUD100 million towards the humanitarian relief effort, including helping people in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Shorten says that Australia should work with the UNHCR to determine who is placed where, with priority given to people displaced from Syria and Iraq.

“Tony Abbott needs to demonstrate genuine compassion and leadership and provide real assistance to refugees by the conflict in the Middle East. We believe simply allocating existing places to the Syrian refugee crisis is not taking real action.”

Shorten’s announcement during Question Time comes two days after Greens leader Richard Di Natale called on the Government to accept an additional 20,000 refugees, and one day after Tony Abbott announced that Australia would accept more Syrian refugees, but leave the current intake as is.

In response, Abbott said that is the firm intention of the Government to give people refuge, but that he’ll “have more to say on behalf of the Government after we have received the report from Minister Dutton overnight.”

Picture: Darrian Taylor via Getty Images.