Primo Wine Sellers VinoMofo Are Having A Massive Sale In Melbs Next Friday

You know what’s great? WINE. Can never have enough of it, IMO. Well, in your body you probs can (doubtful) but in your cupboard/cellar/whatever? Never enough.

VinoMofo know wine and they know young people who like wine and aren’t just picking up cleanskins from the bottle-o anymore. Well, not all the time at least.

They stock heaps of premium stuff – and if you thought you couldn’t afford premium vino, think again bc they’ve just announced another boonta warehouse sale, After Dark Mofo.

It all goes down on Friday, 22nd December from 2-9pm at 339 Bridge St, Port Melbourne. Pop in and you could pick up premium wines for up to 70% off.

They’ll also have wine experts on hand to do pairings for you (hello, Christmas shopping assistance for your wine snob mates) and you can have a scoop of “WineScream”, which is written literally in capitals and frankly scares me slightly. It looks v cool though.

Just try not to go home with 30 bottles of wine. Just. Try.