A bloke on the NSW Central Coast has gone to extreme lengths to ensure his ex can’t enter his house, construction a three-metre high fence complete with barbed wire around the property.

“Pensioner Tony” told A Current Affair he’s been forced to go to such lengths because… well, actually, he doesn’t say why. Presumably his ex kept trying to get in the house. As his new partner “Antoinette” says, “No matter what you do, it won’t change this woman.” Good to know they both sound nice and normal. 

Tony, a former builder, constructed the OH&S nightmare about two months ago. It’s two stories tall, looks like a piece of shit, and shelters an honest-to-god catapult loaded with bowls.

“I’m going to extreme lengths to protect what’s mine,”
Tony said, somewhat unnecessarily. “Good luck getting in, bitch.” 

He reckons President Trump could learn a thing or two about building walls to keep “certain people out”, which is ironic, really, because the local government is going to sock him a great bloody fine ($1.1 million) is he doesn’t take it down.

Tony, meanwhile, is planning to build a turret.

Honestly, $10 says Tony’s ex is chilling on a beach in Port Douglas and this bloke just wanted to build a fort.

Source / Photos: A Current Affair.