I don’t know why cockroaches elicit such visceral disgust. Correction: I didn’t know why cockroaches elicit such visceral disgust, until I Googled it and discovered that they leave trails of bacteria, shit, and regurgitated partially digested food for other roaches to follow, “secrete a layer of grease on their exoskeleton” that helps them squeeze through small cracks, and emit substances that cause allergic reactions, nausea and mild vertigo. 

Now I know why cockroaches elicit such visceral disgust: BECAUSE THEY’RE FUCKING DISGUSTING.

So RIP Ruby Rose and her girlfriend, The VeronicasJess Origliasso, who I presume have committed ritual suicide after discovering a roach in their extremely high-end meal at hell-fancy Rockpool Group restaurant Spice Temple in Sydney.

Vegans Ruby Rose & Jess Origliasso Served Meaty Roach In Neil Perry Dish


According to the Daily Tele, the power couple/level-10 vegans discovered the cooked cockie in a meal they were served on Monday afternoon. 

Celebrity chef and restaurant owner Neil Perry himself has weighed in on the mortifying incident, telling the Telegraph:

“This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this in 42 years. 

Especially at Spice Temple, it is one of the cleanest kitchens you will ever find anywhere in the world, so I am struggling to figure out how this could have possibly happened.

Apparently Rose and Origiliasso’s roach-dish was comped (just the dish, not the whole meal), and they can at least be grateful that they found a whole cockroach, and not half of one on the end of their fork. (Are insects vegan? Pretty sure insects are not vegan.)

Rockpool Dining Group food and dining director Jeremy Courmadias is apparently suss on at least one part of the story: 

“We aren’t even 100 per cent sure it was a cockroach. We know it was a bug of some sort.”

Okay thanks Jeremy that makes everything so much better! Don’t worry gals, it’s probably just a bug, not a grease-secreting allergy-causing vom-inducing cockroach!

Note to self: never eat again.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Image: Instagram / @rubyrose.