Urban Outfitters Has Finally Launched An Aussie Store & Is Celebrating With 20% Off Site Wide

It might seem like a strange time to announce this, but Urban Outfitters has finally launched an Australian online store – and they’re celebrating with 20% off sitewide.

The fashion, homewares and lifestyle retailer has been available to Aussies to order from the U.S. since 2013, but it was always a pain: you had to pay in USD (hello, conversion rates), tax wasn’t added on to the price, and shipping wasn’t exactly cheap. It was always in the too hard basket unless there was something you desperately wanted.

Now, we have our very own online store. Prices are in AUD, tax is already added because that’s how we do things here, and standard shipping is $15 or free if you spend over $80. It’s still not going to be the quickest you’ve ever ordered something – shipping takes 7–11 business days, with delays expected due to COVID-19 – but it’s something, right?

If you’re not familiar with Urban Outfitters, then let me educate you: it’s an aesthetic dream. It’s like walking into the most playfully curated Instagram feed. It stocks everything from über on-trend clothing and beauty products to cute bedding and throw cushions to candles with names like “cancelled plans”. It even stocks Tarot cards (learn how to use them here), a noodle-patterned pool float, and a Kirby cap for your cat. Do I have a cat? No. Do I want a Kirby cap anyway? Unfortunately, yes.

And the most important part, like I said: 20% off sitewide (exclusions apply), so treat yourself to something cute here.