United Confirms They’ll Fire Zero People Over The Passenger Bashing Fuck-Up

Folks, it’s good to know where the line is when you’re at work. Avoiding fireable offences at all costs is smart, long-term.
Apparently at United Airlines, “bashing a passenger” isn’t on the list of stuff that’ll get you shitcanned.
Company CEO Oscar Munoz confirmed that there was “never a consideration” for terminating any employee over the incident which saw paying customer David Dao physically and violently removed from an oversold flight for not “volunteering” his seat so a United employee could board.
Munoz, who in earlier “apologies” had labelled Dao as “disruptive and belligerent,” stated that he takes full responsibility for the incident, even though he never considered stepping aside in the ensuing furore.
The airline is conducting a full review into its practices, which will be released later this month, and Munoz asserts that he will personally be “making this right.”
But he also confirmed that there was never any serious discussion about firing anyone directly involved in the incident, and that he himself has the full support of the United board.

“I’m sure there was lots of conjecture about me personally.”

“It was a system failure across various areas.”

“There was never a consideration for firing an employee.”

Meanwhile, the company’s stocks have fallen 4.4% (a drop in worth of US$1billion in market value) since the flight. Dao and his lawyers have taken steps to file suit against the airline and the City of Chicago, which operates O’Hare Airport where the incident took place.

The three airport officers that physically manhandled Dao – who are not employees of United – have been suspended.

Photo: Kaylyn Davis/Twitter.