United Airlines has reached a settlement with Dr David Dao, the passenger bloodied and dragged off an overbooked flight by Chicago aviation police earlier this month. 

The carrier released a statement saying “United and Dr. Dao have reached an amicable resolution of the unfortunate incident that occurred aboard flight 3411.”

Thomas Demetrio, one of Dr. Dao’s lawyers, said “United has taken full responsibility for what happened on Flight 3411, without attempting to blame others, including the city of Chicago.”

The settlement, the sum of which is currently undisclosed, comes after footage of the incident went colossally viral.

United drew widespread condemnation after the vision hit social media, in which three uniformed officers were shown roughhousing the passenger after he refused to leave the plane to make space for another airline employee. 

In response to the incident, CEO Oscar Munoz said “two weeks ago, we failed to meet [our] standard and we profoundly apologize.” He went on to say “our review shows that many things went wrong that day,” which is a statement that probably didn’t need a review to justify.

United also described new changes to its policies in light of the fuck-up. The airline says it will no longer require passengers to involuntarily be removed from their seats unless they’re a security risk, and that passengers who do agree to be bumped to another flight may receive up to nearly $14,000 in compensation.

That seems like a lot of money, until you take a minute to contemplate how much the airline likely just settled for.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times / United Airlines.
Photo: @kaylyn_davis / Twitter.