It has been confirmed that Japanese fast fashion giant Uniqlo, will open a suitably large 4-level flagship store at the Melbourne Emporium later in the year. With Zara and Top Shop launches confirming that Australian consumers will go batshit crazy for even a sniff of the affordable product diversity that saturates shopping districts in Asia and across Europe, we anticipate a suitable level of store rushing pandemonium once the site eventually opens.
Unfortunately building projects in general, let alone the development of entire shopping centers, are often marked by delays so the vague “later this year” date is a tentative one at best but CFS fund manager and Melbourne Emporium stake holder, Michael Gorman was still pretty chuffed to offer the first Australian lease to the meticulously colour arranged casual wear specialists. Uniqlo’s commitment is further confirmation of the world class nature of this development,” Gorman said. Total retail boner.

via Inside Retail