Trump & Turnbull Plan To Continue Their Beautiful Friendship By Meeting IRL

After the classic encounter between Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull – which was basically the diplomatic phone call equivalent of Turnbull getting brutally double-dacked in front of the girls’ table and having to change schools – it seems like the pair will be meeting again.

According to sources, planning is underway for round two of the Trump / Turnbull ~friendship~ to take place in May, when they’ll apparently meet on the deck of a battleship in New York Harbour to celebrate the ANZUS treaty and the US-Australia alliance. It commemorates the cooperation of the US and Australian navies during World War II.
It’s pretty close to our federal budget day, so there’s a chance Turnbull will have to skip out on it. Definitely because of the budget. Not because Turnbull is afraid Trump will wedgie him and throw him into the harbour. No sir.
accurate depiction of actual events
Let’s see how this meeting goes.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: Getty Images.