Well this is excruciating.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has, for the first time, met President Donald Trump face-to-face in a staged meeting for media today in New York.

The meeting was delayed by Trump as he lingered in Washington, taking something of a victory lap after the US House of Representatives voted in favour of essentially scuttling Obamacare. Major elements of the Affordable Care Act will be torched in a move that will affect how millions of Americans access health services and treatment. Some 217 Republicans voted in favour of scrapping Obamacare, while 20 opposed it. All house Democrats voted against the move, and sarcastically chanted at those Republicans who voted for it after the motion passed, believing this repeal will cost scores of Republican representatives to lose their seats in next year’s mid-term elections.

Following that, Trump was whisked away to New York to meet with Turnbull and the pair fronted media for a profoundly awkward and forced chat.

Firstly, Trump stated that he “loves Australia” and always has, then he mentioned that “Greg Norman is here this evening,” because apparently that’s the only Australian person he’s able to name.

The pair addressed their infamous phone call, with Trump insisting it was “great” and Turnbull grimacing through gritted teeth. President Trump, in reasoning why they had such a great, tremendous, really terrific phone call, asserted that “we’re not babies,” ignoring the fact that most babies don’t possess the conversational skills required to talk cohesively on the phone, or anywhere else for that matter.

The footage is utterly wild and worth watching purely to see Turnbull, a grown man and elected leader of a major nation, decay rapidly internally as his soul visibly writhers.

How’s that first denied handshake? B R U T A L.

The meeting was originally supposed to be a much longer affair held in a Manhattan hotel, but due to Trump’s healthcare posturing in Washington, it was shortened to a 30-minute media call on-board the USS Intrepid, a military museum anchored in New York’s Hudson River.

The museum is playing host to a gala dinner marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, at which both Trump and Turnbull are scheduled to speak. What in the blue hell Greg Norman is doing there is anyone’s guess.

This is what you wanted, Malcolm. Enjoy it.

Source: Twitter.