TopShop’s New Jeans Are Perf If You Keep Forgetting What Ya Knees Look Like

In the immortal words of BoJack Horseman‘s Todd: “Has THIS ever happened to you?”

You’re in the mood to show off a pair of shapely knees. Perhaps you spent 45 minutes painstakingly shaving all the fiddly bits. Maybe – for once – your fake tan hasn’t bunched up around the boney bits. Maybe you’re just having a good knee day.

And then – KABLAMMY – cold weather hits, and you’re forced to choose between showing off your shapely leg hinges and basic warmth.

Well, TopShop says no more. The retailer has invented ‘Clear Knee Mom Jeans‘ to show off your knobbly bits without sacrificing warmth OR style!

The ‘Clear Knee Mom Jeans’ (RRP $134.07) feature slick plastic panels over the knees for “a futuristic feel”, because apparently the future comes with a denim shortage, and this was the only solution that didn’t start an intergalactic war.

Still not convinced? These jeans have been getting five star reviews across the board.

“Sweaty knees are the best!!” says SweatyBetty17. “It’s like a greenhouse for your knees!” says MlleJennifer. “Finally!” says Smapple4241. “I like to keep an eye on my knees throughout the day so I’ve been stuck wearing only skits and dresses. Now with my Clear Knee Mom Jeans I have a comfortable, stylish pants option in my wardrobe.”

They have a range of uses:

And honestly, you’d be mad not to buy them.

Photo: Nordstrom.