Tony Abbott’s Openly Gay Sister Christine Forster Announces Engagement To Long Term Partner

Christine Forster, Prime Minister Tony Abbott‘s openly gay sister, has announced her engagement to her long term partner Virginia Edwards.

“It might be a long engagement,” Christine Forster admitted to The Sydney Morning Herald. Well, duh. Forster hopes, according to SMH, to marry “under a federal marriage act” in her home state of NSW. But despite it being likely that history will be made later today in the ACT—with a same sex marriage act due to be voted in—the law would undoubtedly run its arduously long course before hitting NSW and Australia as a whole in light of Mr Abbott’s comments in August that changing the marriage act would not be his government’s “priority” if elected.

Edwards and Forster have assured press that Tony Abbott and his family will be present at their wedding, and said that in forgoing tradition, “instead of bridesmaids, we’re going to have drag queens.” Likelihood of Tone putting his hand up for the role of (fabulous) bridesmaid…?

More on the progress of the ACT’s same sex marriage act later today.

Via SMH.
Title image by Stefan Postles vis Getty.