Tony Abbott’s Sister Is ‘Disappointed’ He’s Speaking At An Anti-LGBT Event

Being disappointed by your family sucks. It really sucks a bag of dicks. Some of us have experienced far worse than others, but everyone’s felt it at one point or another. 

Well, imagine being Christine Forster, who is ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott‘s sister. She’s a Liberal councillor for the City of Sydney, and she also happens to be openly homosexual. 
With the news that her bro was jetting off the United States to speak at event hosted by the hyper-conservative ‘Alliance Defending Freedom‘*, we’d assume that Forster was all like ‘ugh, ffs Tone‘, or she rolled her eyes especially hard that day or something. 
*Alliance Defending Freedom’ is a radical right-wing group from the US that opposes abortion, same-sex marriage and wants to dilute the country’s gender equality laws. Because, y’know:
But, Forster told Fairfax Media that she’s ‘surprised’, but disappointed:
“On the face of it, and without knowing what he is going there to say, it is disappointing.”

“It doesn’t sit with my understanding of how he views the world, so, yes, I was surprised. I don’t believe Tony is in any way winding back rights for the gay community but I was surprised to hear he was going.”
Understandable, Christine. Understandable. You poor bugger.
Source: Herald Sun.
Photo: Facebook.