Tokyo To Host 2020 Olympics

How’s your diary looking in seven years? Free? Good. Time to book a trip to Tokyo, moles, the 2020 olympics are ON.

After a ceremony in Buenos Ares last night, Olympic Committee officials voted for the Summer Olympics 2020 host city. The contest was between Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo. Madrid was dramatically cut out of the contest in the first round of votes after Tokyo and Instanbul tied, and everyone was like,, Madrid. Stop trying to make the Olympics happen. Which seems fairly mean for what is an arguably awesome city. 
Despite fears of safety and the potential for contaminated waters being voiced about Tokyo being a mere 220 km away from the Fukushima Nuclear plant, Japan’s capital reigned supreme in the final round of voting with Tokyo beating Istanbul 60 votes to 36. The 2020 games will be Japan’s fourth turn at hosting the Olympics after the Summer games in 1964, and the winter games in both 1998 and 1972.
So the land that brought us Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli, Nintendo, Pokémon, ramen and sake will be put in the spotlight come 2020. At this stage I think it’s fairly easy to be confident that their chosen mascots will be super Kawaii, and we can hope that they’ll change the Olympic rings to something far more amazing but equally harmonious, like this:
Lead image by Adam Pretty via Getty.