Behold The Latest Fashion Trend Out Of Copenhagen: Fucken Thongs M8

As the author of this article it’s my duty to fully disclose the fact that my own personal sense of high fashion chiefly involves ironing my “good” flanny and chucking it over the top of whatever stoner metal band shirt on-hand features the least amount of bongs. But in the grand tradition of a broken clock, it seems my time has once again arrived to be a sartorial king thanks to a curious development out of the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

[jwplayer MrIYS6zy]

Yes, Sweden’s annual week of watching overworked models pound runways sheathed in clothing largely unattainable almost all body types provided its fair share of surprises; I’m sure someone wore a hat that ruffled a few feathers, and after casually absorbing a few episodes of Project Runway one hungover Sunday a few months ago I know that a controversial pleat would’ve been enough to bring the whole thing to the brink of nuclear war.

But one thing that did stand out above all else? Thongs.

Thongs are back, baby.

We’re not talking bedazzled, heeled-up, fancy-ass ones that look like they copped shrapnel from an explosion at the Pandora factory.

Hell no.

We’re talking bog-standard, prevent-your-feet-from-sinking-into-molten-tarmac, regular-ass thongs. Havaianas, mates. Slip ’em onto yr feet and fuck off up the shops for a Frosty Fruit. They are now, for whatever reason, the footwear of choice for summer fashionistas.

The curious upswing in thirst for the humble flip-flop has been noted more than a few times over, with punters on the ground sporting street style looks in between events more than happy to sport the shoe that has prevented more burnt soles than organised religion.

Just bloody cop a load of it.

No doubt about it, folks. No doubt about it at all. The humble thong, the weary battler, the time-weathered traveller… she back. She back in style.

So while in years past you might’ve acquired a pair because they were being given away free with a slab of tinnies, now you’re doing it because fashion.

Truly, there is hope for us all.