The Sartorialist Eyes Off Sydney Models

For those hoping to catch The Sartorialist’s attention this weekend you might want to don a pair of (inconspicuous) stilts and loiter around Oxford Street because of the four subjects Mr. Schumann has shot in Sydney thus far, four have been off-duty models on Oxford Street.

Landing in Australia on Sunday, Schuman’s first post was a monochromatic snap of Kiwi waif Zippora Seven on Oxford Street. After that came the playful duo of newcomer Stef Bambi and the breakout Australian of the International FW 10/11 season, Julia Nobis. And finally, on his most recent post, Schuman shot Eurasian beauty Rachel Rutt on (Can you guess?) Oxford Street. So yeah, two’s a coincidence and three’s a trend or something like that… either way we’ll keep an eye on Schuman’s RAFW activities and let you know if any genetically unfortunate fashion folk make the cut.

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