The Satorialist Nabs A Book Deal

If like me, you frequent Scott Schuman’s archetypal street fashion blog The Sartorialist you’ll already know the man has an eye for detail, legions of fans, and access to the chicest people on the planet…

Since its inception “The Sartorialist” has spawned an army of imitators few blogs however, emulate the quality of work or indeed traffic of the original – most posts garnering somewhere in the vicinity of 100 comments (fashion enthusiasts deconstructing, criticizing, or applauding the various looks according).

With that in mind, it has been reported (via Fashionista) that the street photographer du jour is inking a book deal to bring his greatest looks to a coffee table book near you.

From Fashionista:

“The Sartorialist is joining forces with a big publishing company (we’re hearing Harper Collins, but we’re also still drunk from last night…) to put out a giant coffee table tome of his greatest and coolest shots.”

Hell if Merlin Bronques can get a book deal surely Scott Schuman can!